Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Skip unresolved dependent assembly in Sandcastle documentation

Few days ago I was tasked to run Sandcastle to one of our Web API project to make documentation. As I said the application was Web API , we had given reference of Cors to enable cross domain request and few more library like Newtonsoft.json from NuGet package manager. I was getting error that Sandcastle application was not able to find the dependent assembly of Newtonsoft.json though the project was building correctly.

I searched in Google but did not get much information. Sandcastle has its dedicated website but it’s not taking about the issue.

The solution is very simple. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1) Add “Assembly Binding Redirection” Plug-In from available Plugins

Step 2 ) Click on configuration Button and you will see below window.

Step 3) Type the assembly name which you want to exclude from Sandcastle’s dependency checking. In example I wanted to exclude “System.Web” assembly

4) Click on Add button and the assembly will get add in Ignore If Unresolved option.