Monday, November 3, 2014

How I jump into in my favorite platform? In Microsoft Technology, in .NET

I started to learn Microsoft Technology in my college days and simultaneously PHP too. Slowly I gave up learning PHP because somehow I thought that PHP is not right platform what I wanted to learn. Yes, 4/5 years ago from now PHP was not robust what it is today. It was simple scripting language where server and client code resides in same file with .php (mostly) extension. I had background of C and C++ , so had good understanding of functional programming approach and OOP concept. I never seen class and OOPS feature in PHP, I started to think! Then what are the uses of my learning C and C++? I am not applying my prior knowledge at all.

So, I started to look forward.  Asked some cool guys for solution. Someone told to learn Java, Someone .NET . That time I had no idea , what they are how to start and where to start.
I thought to learn Java. I went to college library and picked few books of Java. I remember one book on Applet programming, one on J2EE (means which is talking about Enterprise class library) and another somewhat related to Advance Java. Ha..Ha..
Did you notice my choice? Yes, I was completely on wrong direction. Did not understand a single complete program because those discussions were on top of foundation, which I don’t had at all in Java. I returned those and started to think, Hey Java is too tough and it is not for me.

Yes, dear! This is the mindset of 70% student. They simply think that Java is not for me because they start from wrong point.
Ok, somehow I realize that, I should start java by writing simple console application.  I set up JRE, JVM and started to write Java in notepad.  Oh, I got relaxation. Now I can use my existing C and C++ concept to implement those applications.
However, charm ends shortly when faced two difficulties

1)      Writing code on notepad is nightmare for beginner(I will recommend always to use notepad in beginning)
2)      The black window is not eye catching since I am seeing same output window for last 3 years (I used to use Dev C++ , Borland C++ editor for my C and  C++ practice )

I did not find eclipse like editor in my hand, though it was exists and one of the popular IDE for Java.

I started to think, Java is good truly OOP but again this is not the platform where I wanted to settle down and started to keep searching something else.

At that time one guy from HCL came to our college to make business by teaching ASP.NET.     He showed demo of few eye-catching applications.

Hey, he was not showing but developing. Yes, the person was developing small application in middle of his presentation.

How cool it is. Clicking on button and happening something. Within 5 minutes he shown one fully Database driven application when I spent few weeks to make database connection in Java or PHP.

Yes, this is the platform where I wanted to land. This is the Editor (Visual Studio 2005) what I dream. This is the programming language(C#) what I wanted to use.
My journey started in the ocean of Microsoft technology. Shanmugavel Sir, Thanks for your demo on behalf of HCL learning.

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