Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cut down your relationship if you want to run fast.

We all know the well-known proverb,

                If you want to run fast, run alone.
                If you want to run long, run together.

Definitely, choice is yours. From my personal experience, I feel that most of the person chooses the second line. Why not ? We are human being and belong to certain community as well as responsible family member.  

From our childhood, we have grown by our parents (at least in Indian scenario), they spend money like water (Again in Indian scenario, where parent’s dream to educate their children) until we get settle and earn our bread. So in return we too have responsibility to feed them (forgive me for my selfish word “feed”, It is not only feed but to be with them) in their old ages.

Sometimes the scenario is not like, what I explained .Anyway I will not go deep into it. Let us come our point of interest.

Being a family member, we might have fulfilled lot of responsibility and commitment, when relationship is more there is more responsibility, more commitment and more chance to live your life on because of others.

Even we forget that; how we have passed many years of our life to keep people happy to make them smile. So many times, we compromised with our decision and our choices.
And suddenly we realize I am not in my position what I supposed to be now.  Believe me, I talk to many people they mourn and said, “I supposed to be something else. Wanted to start my something own.. Still working for some other and cannot do it now because now it’s risky for me to start my own company!”

 Why risky ? The reason is. They are running together. If somewhere you fail, someone will hurt.  Probably they have chosen the second line of the proverb.

Once I talked with one CEO of some funding company and there company name is attach with certain age(19) . He explained why they chose the name! Yes, 19 years old age is the perfect to start something of someone’s own. When I understood this, I was 24, already running behind schedule.  However, I will not say its dry run. Because at that age I have founded the blog , already written 200+ articles in this and another 400+ in various .NET community including , and  1500000+ readers have read my articles and share their thought with me.

Anyway, let us come again in discussion. Instead of being a family member and social person, I will not fully agree with the second line at least in my whole life.

Yes, second line might give you more value in community but first line will give you more mental satisfaction. Your life could be more meaningful.

At least live half of a day for you, for your dream run fast, as much as you can, live alone!


  1. Well said :-) Have to put half day for me too

  2. Ujjal and Deepak sir. Thanks both of you. I am very glad to see you people here. Thanks again. :)