Monday, February 13, 2012

Basic of Search engine optimisation

What is search engine?
Generally there are three types of web site in WWW
·         Produce Seller
·         Product Buyer
·         Service Provider
The function of search engine is to make meet with buyer and seller. Some Giant search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing . So there Duty is to provide relevant website with respect to user’s search keyword .

Why SEO is needed?
You have developed a website , Probably has chosen your favorite domain and hosting plan from any registerer (Who  register your domain name and also provide Whois service for domain information) .
but you're still not getting as many visitors as you hoped for. What gives? Chances are you haven't started working on one of the most important ways to market your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
So in a word, search engine optimization is a technique to make your website/Blog popular. And to make your website or blog popular there are so many reasons.

·         95 % website are developed to make business .A good SEO optimization will bring more traffic into your website.
·         You can able to earn money from google Adwords and Adsense programs.
You can display Add of other organization and can able to earn money if you have a popular website , Say for Amazon add display.

What is SEO
Search Engine Optimization refers to the collection of techniques and practices that allow a site to get more free traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). SEO can be divided into two main areas: off-page SEO (work that takes place separate from the website) and on-page SEO (website changes to make your website rank better). This tutorial will cover both areas in detail! Remember, a website is not fully optimized for search engines unless it employs both on and off-page SEO.
SEO is not purchasing the number #1 sponsored link through Google Adwords and proclaiming that you have a #1 ranking on Google. By paying money getting higher rank in search engine is something called search engine business/Marketing.
But according to my knowledge Google do not offer such type of malpractice. And they trust over quality service.
Each and every company’s web developer use SEO technique to get high performance of there website.

Keyword search
To optimize your site, you must first know which terms you want to target. A good start would be to choose 3 or 4 keywords you would like your website to rank well for. With these keywords in your mind you can then set a goal to rank in the top 10 results on Google for each of them .  Why I am only specifying to google though there are many search engine in WWW. You can observe the result in your won eye after got popular of your site. You will see most of the traffic are coming from google.
These keywords can be either broad or specific, but you'll want to study of pros and cons of each before choosing.

Broad Keyword
These keywords are very common and people use these keyword very frequently.(For example “send Mail” , “Song download” , “New Movie” etc)  So number of website regarding this topics are much. So it’s very heard to get popular with these topic. But if you get popular then lots of traffic you can earn. Because the number of people are very much.

Specific Keyword
Specific keyword are those keyword which are use by people very rarely (For example “Admission of XYZ college” etc) . Basically the competitor are less regarding this topic. So it is easy to get popularity with these keyword. But your traffic will be less due to search frequency.

Page rank of website
Page rank is a number which is provided by search engine to your website/Blog. It indicates how much your website popular is.
Check your site’s pagerank here

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