Friday, December 12, 2014

What do you like? To give or take?. Here is a beautiful study on it.

Moreover, the give and take process helps us to fulfil our need in human life. In ancient age people used to use exchange policy, exchanging something with some other things. Scenario changed when people invent currency. Which is common for all (At least within one country) and they can get anything (almost, let us not fall into debate what we cannot now) by it.

We get things, be happy (How happy we feel ? when delivery boy ships our online order in our hand . J )  use it, one day it became old or damage , we throw it or simply forget about it , just no longer use it.

Let me ask you one question! “Which gives you more happiness? By taking something or giving something?

 Many will say by “taking things” (haha.. Oh ! Not in mouth but in heart) and obviously people are there who feel happy by giving others, by helping others.

Here is story, which is all about human nature in time giving and taking . This is not a story but a true study.

There was a professor in a college .One day he announced in his class, “Guys! In coming Sunday, we will go for movie in nearby theater, please raise your hand those who are interested to go.“

Almost whole class!. Why not? Teenage student likes movie and nothing bad into it. They went for a very nice and popular heart touching romantic movie.  Comes back and everyone enjoy on that day.

After few weeks, the teacher cane in classroom and announced! “I am planning to go our nearby slum in coming Sunday and we will make bit charity over there, so interested people can raise their hand” Again almost whole class! Why not ?Young blood always happy to help.  Therefore, they went and whole day they spent with children over there, gave books, toys and medicine to suffering people.

So far so good. After one year suddenly the teacher, announce in class “Guys! Did you remember that one year ago we went for movie and after few weeks we went to our nearby slum to helped people “?

Students replied, “Yes sir! We remember those events “

Good! Now get one paper and write your feelings of two days in back to back of the sheet.  Student wrote and given to professor.

What a pleasant survey result! One side of each Sheet is almost empty and opposite side is not enough to express their heart.

Which side is empty? Obviously,  the event where they went for movie. Even somebody could not able to remember the movie name and the story.

Moral of the story:
We remember more when we give; we remember more when we share. It might be by helping others with belongings or by sharing your thought.
So, give always, do not say no.  Help needy.