Thursday, December 25, 2014

Do‘t listen to them, those who never did it in their life.

There was an old link in one kingdom.  He was very brave in his early age and ran his kingdom well. Now got old and not getting charm in material life.

He announces in his kingdom “I wish to become monk now. People who will able to bring spirituality in my mind by reading Bhagabat (A holy book in INDIA), I will give him my whole kingdom to him and will live in forest to spent spiritual life”

So good, but the king attached one condition with announcement “If someone tries but could not! I will send him to jail”

Many priests, Brahmin tried but could not and sends to jail by king. One-day one old priest told to his wife, Hey! Shall I try once to bring spirituality in king’s mind?

 Wife laughed at him and replied “Many great readers fail, and you are saying you can do it?” Priest replied,”Let me try once”.

In one beautiful morning, he went to king’s palace and expressed his wish. Kind allowed him to read Bhagabat, after reading of some chapter, King said “Hey man! Stop your reading, It’s not able to stimulate my desire”, as condition the old Brahmin was send to jail.

There was a very young monk in kingdom who left his house in his childhood to practice spiritual activity and to realize god.

 After 12 years he came once to visit his home in disguise. He is seeing his mother at home but not seeing his father. He asked, woman! Where is your husband?

His mother told the who story of the king and said , the king has send his husband to jail while he could not able to bring spirituality in king’s mind.

The young monk meets to king and wish his desire of reading Bhagabat. King allowed. At first day of reading, the king felt good. In second day, he relaxed. In third day, his heart became full with enjoyment. In 4th day, his eyes flooded with tears.

King said. Hey young monk, Please stop your reading, it is enough for me. Now I am no longer interested in this material world. However, let me ask you one question. “How did you do the task? where many wise person and great reader in my kingdom could not? “

The young monk replied , you have send my father in jail for same reason ,let take him with us and go to nearby garden.

They have reached nearest mango garden. The young monk binds the king in one mango tree tightly and to his father in another one.

Now, he said. Let’s open each other’s tie and get freedom. King replied, how can we do it ? We are tightly bind with tree.

Monk replied, that is the reason, all reader those who read Bhagabat for you are tightly bind with material world, how they will make you free from it?

In my childhood, I left my home and still now chasing spirituality, I am free from relations and boundaries.
 In our life, we will meet with many readers but not listen to them; they cannot help you to reach your goal. Listen to only a monk, who has done it, realize it in his life. Follow his instruction.

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