Friday, May 24, 2013

One lession , I have learned from young generation

Face of young generation

Hi guys, Today I will share one of my experience with you. I came out from office a bit early, And fortunately got a bus immediately. The bus was full but not crowded. Just all sits was occupied by passengers.
In next stop(Veidehi hospital stop) , One old person get in and he was just about to stand in front of gate, But i saw one young lady who was sitting just before two row from my sit, has offered her sit to this person. Rely it’s a great behavior(at least in my eye) . I was thinking rely Indian culture is great. How our young generation is . How nice there behavior is . And I was regretting for my cheap mentality. How narrow minded i am ? even for a old person I did not sacrifice my sit?
I have learn a lesion from this young lady. And have taken oath to change my behavior.
My friend , my story did not finish here, please read next paragraph to get complete idea of ladies.
In next stop (TCS stop) a bulk of young stars get in bus(all are software employee). One old person was sitting in my front sit by holding one kid in his lap. And it was ladies sit. Few ladies was already standing in bus. One young lady suddenly demand for that sit . And this old person peacefully leave this sit for this lady ,as it was reserved for them.
I saw this person was standing with difficulty by holding his kid due to jerking. I offered my sit to him .
And for next few minutes I was thinking myself how behavior differ person to person. Where both ladies was from young generation. And one more thing “ Has my mentality is rely change “ . I don’t know how long it will sustain ? .
Any way , thanks to first young lady “ To teach me a lesion”

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