Monday, May 20, 2013

My Life , My recent work

My Life , My recent work

Dear , After long day I am started again to write blog, That’s not for lack of time but for lack of interest.
But truth to be told, from few months ago I have been trying to write article and trying to post , but it’s not happening at all. So at last I have pushed myself within a tight condition. If I cannot write few line within today(20-5-2013) ,”I will not cheers any more”. Rely that’s a tough takes for me not to enjoy with a mug of BEER after a successful work.
In past few months  ,my work schedule and my life has changed a lot. I am working for someone. I have taken  responsibility to do some work within certain time limit. I come to know the real life of programmer, I come to know how programmer passes sleepless night when something goes wrong. I come to know the dream of programmer , “How fast my application can give result ?how to write most optimized code etc and etc”,   
My dear, I don’t know whether  you will believe or not,  when we deploy new application or create a very simple button, how glad we programmer be when user use it and say “Ya, It’s working perfectly”
In few months I have learned “work to enjoy your life don’t work to simply survive “.

Oh , I have forgotten to talk something about my colleague cum boss. This is the first person I am seeing in my life “Who don’t know programming in C# but giving guide to write code”. Dear friend, I am not talking about guide by writing code on behalf of me , I am talking about mental support by sitting my next chair. I will not forget those days when I was working till late night and this guy is making understand me the business logic in my mother tongue. Sir, Thanks to you, to give a wonderful new life to me, thanks to give enough space to think how to manage project in tight situation. You taught me to laugh when it’s showing error when something going wrong.
I will not forget the word “sourav ! nothing will happen if we cannot release this project by tomorrow. Just relax and do work. I will manage client. It’s called support. Support is not something liketo do someone’s work.  And by god’s grace we had release that project by schedule time.”
Oh ,Sourav, Getting bore ,no more personal talk. please stop.  I know your mind is saying this thing. Ok I will stop it.(As at last , I have written something).

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