Friday, November 6, 2015

How common man turns into satisfied customer?

In upcoming few paragraphs what you are going to read is based on my experience and observation, not from any chapter of some management/sales book.

Sales and marketing are really an art and very few can able to master on this. Teachers of your MBA School may tell you few points for graceful selling but do not listen to them, if they have only academic background till dateJ .  Because sales is an unique art which is not possible to learn in B-school

Ok, let’s come in core discussion. I have shifted in a new place couple of months ago (due to my new job). Somehow, I managed a shelter to stay and the entire atmosphere was new to me.  The road, the people and the shops etc.

After couple of days/weeks I started to explore nearby market, started to talk to shopkeeper. I notice that I became comfortable with few shops and like to visit always there for my daily commodities.
Now, the question came to my mind! Why the particular shop in market? Although there are plenty of shops who sells same goods. Let’s analyses few use case.

Case 1.
I always visit to a particular repairing shop for servicing my two wheeler which is little far from my shelter though there is another one just near to me.

Once I went to my nearby mechanical shop to fix one nut (In mirror glass) which hardly cost 1 minute of there time (Let’s neglect usage cost of tool and risk). They charge me 10 rupees for same. I got shocked by calculating that, the cost of 1 minute of the mechanic is 5 time more than one average experienced software engineer (Yes, I am J ) who is working for a MNC in silicon valley of India.

After few days, the mirror got un-tight again and need to fix. On the way of my office I found another mechanic shop who did it for no price at all. I offered him same 10 rupees and asked why you will not charge? He replied surprisingly! Sir, it’s too less effort, to charge any amount!
  Now, here is the point to focus. May be 10 rupees is nothing neither to me nor to first motor shop but the 10 rupees has given birth of an unsatisfied customer.
Needless to say, I became permanent customer of the second motor shop.

Case 2.
I enjoy my drinking water service to my doorstep. Service was going well, till the bad day when I was getting not reachable tune from the shop keeper’s phone number contentiously. On the other side water is essential need and the pot was near to empty. After long time, I could able to connect to my shop keeper and he said he has come to his native so, cannot able to serve water for few days because someone else is taking care of shop.

I went to local market to find another vendor and saw one guy was distributing water in his hand pull van. I talk to him, get contact number along with new water connection.
Yes, so far he did not miss a single water refilling request.   

Case 3.
I always like to buy vegetables because I cook myself. Earlier, I used to not check price of each and individual vegetables but I one day I noticed that the next shop is taking much genuine price than my current shop.

Another day, I bought a pack of milk from a shop and discover that it got expire though it did not cross expire date.  

In next day I change shop and told the shopkeeper that I had bad experience of buying milk and same should not repeat. She replied, Brother just throw the milk packet on my face if it is not ok. Hu... nice confidence and assurance, what customer exactly look for.

Anyway, there are tons of example which evolves around us. May be we do not notice each and every one but each one is really valuable enough in business standpoint

The mechanic shop would not lose a customer unless he charge unfair. The water vendor would not lose one customer if he communicate properly before going to native. The vegetable vendor could hold one customer If he would honest enough in pricing.

So, always be genuine, if you are in business. Don’t forget that, your competitor is sitting next to you.

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