Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introduction to C++,The beginning of Object oriented concept

C++ is the successor of C language. You may call the superset of C.developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an improvement over the C programming language, incorporating a number of enhancements. Probably the most important is built-in facilities for object oriented program design, as hinted by a term used as a working title for the project early in its development: “C with Classes.”
Then the name “C with Classes” has changed and it became C++,(By getting influence from ++ increment operator of C)
It is heavily used for software development where performance matters,  particularly  to develop very complex application . Unfortunately, C++ itself is an incredibly complex beast of a language.
Originally, it promised to be a superset of the C language with facilities for object oriented programming.
Some popular concept and ideas that made popular it and made it acceptable language to develop  large acale applications are.
Concept of Object:-
Terat each and every component as a object, Just as real life. Yes we human beings are also object with having some property.
Class for Classification:-
Object can classified into some classes. In terms of programming ,it is nothing but a data structure capable to hold data and function together. And support the beautiful concept of Data binding.
Inheritence ,Use exhisting component again and again. save time save money
Yes ,it is the beauty of inheritance. Write once and use it where it is necessary .Something like spell check in editor. Just think ,If you develop a spell check component once you can proudly use the same component in various text editor what you will develop.Yes you are right..It’s give the idea of reusability. 
By the definition of great author,Ability to take more than one form.Sound confusing?.Just think yourself. You are brother of anyone,child of anyone or father of anyone or husband or wife of anyone. So you are playing more than one role at a time. This is nothing but Polymorphyasin.
Operator overloading:-
Same operator will behave differently according to different situation. Plus operator can able to add two number and also having the power to concatenate two string.
Function overloading:-
Function name is same but signature is different. And depending upon parameter appropriate function is call. It’s a pretty feature of C++.
Yah these are the extra feature that is incorporated with C language and made it a new scalable language, i .e C++.

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