Saturday, April 1, 2017

Learning Angular2 ? Here you map yourself !

What is new in angular2?
               Let's see, do I really need to learn!

Advantages of angular2
               If there, industry will adapt quickly and I have to spend some amount of time to learn. Good advantages are bad news for "coder by incident" Engineer :)

Does typescript really need in angular2?
               It could be gossip, let's check reality. Oh!! People are recommending to use typescript, so I have to learn it.

Setting up typescript environment and start Hello World (before that bit struggle with NPM)
               All YouTube tutorial are using Visual Studio Code, but I want to setup in my Visual Studio Enterprise edition :)

Let’s setup angular2 in Visual Studio
               Spent good amount of time in old angular2 website of Google. Setting up typings.js, common.js, tsconfig.js etc finally with webpack, no idea! What is happening! Confused!!

Try angular2 cli or inbuilt project template with ASP.NET Core 1.0
               Feel that ASP.NET Core 1.0 template is best solution, almost 0 setup and production ready architecture :)

Learn architecture of angular2
               Let’s hands on by writing baby component and understand architecture. Learn data binding, routing, Template, directory bla bla...

Dependency injection in angular2
               Oh.. Not much change with angular 1.X, easy to pick up if u know 1.x

Now, let's implement in memory CRUD/TODO app. And here I am...

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