Saturday, November 14, 2015

This 12 changes you will encounter in ASP.NET 5 at first time.

If you keep an eye on movement of ASP.NET5/VNext then probably you know that recently the 8th beta version has released (at the time of writing this post). Anyway, it looks like it will take another year to be stable and production ready.

It’s good time to update our thought along with Microsoft. Here is few changes you will notice in time of your first ASP.NET5 development.

     1) First time ASP.NET has become open source
Yes, though this is not part of ASP.NET5/VNext but this is great news for developer. Now, then can study source code and process as per license and agreement. Microsoft has made this wonderful decision to get better support from community.

2) First time running on Linux and MAC or in self hosted process
      This is another great news. Now, it’s not necessary to host your application only in IIS. This became possible because new ASP.NET pipeline is no more dependent on System.Web. People can choose other than Windows (hopefully, I doubt how many will really choose. Now a days windows hosting too coming in cheap package like linux) to host there ASP.NET application.

3) First time developers are using Other than VisualStudio(most probably)
 Probably, Microsoft too encourage people to choose their own IDE. Officially you can use Sublime, Vim,Emacs etc. But again, I doubt whether those IDE is best fit for enterprise!

4) First time .NET is served as two modes(core and Full)
      Yes, Core and Full. If you don’t want backward compatibility then blindly got for core CLR. Otherwise Full CLR. The full CLR is nothing but the Old .NET Framework. The core CLR is only 11 MB in size and very lean in design. This will help to execute unnecessary code in time of HTTP execution.  

5) First time in built DI container (You can bring your own as well)
      Dependency Injection is common buzz in modern software development. By keeping this mind Microsoft has provided one simple DI container along with scaffolder template. Anyway you are welcome with your favorite IoC container
6) First time JSON based project setting structure.
      Yes, World is slowly adopting JSON as data encoding scheme rather than XML. Same has reflected in project structure. In ASP.NET 5 project structure, you will find all JSON based setting file.

7) First time MVC and WebAPI are merged in same project.
      No more confusion between MVC controller and API controller (Although, I never feel that it was confusing personally) Anyway, It will bring uniformity in code base.

8) First time Controller will work without controller keyword.
      One common interview Question has reduced. Probably in time of MVC6 interview there is no scope to as Why “Controller” suffix in name of controller blab la..J

9) First time Output of server code change will reflect without build
      It’s a great help for developer. Those who love/has background server side parsing language (like PHP) they will fall in love of ASP.NET another time. The miracle happen by Roslyn compiler.

10) You will get clear View of pipeline in Startup.cs file (I will not say this is first time :))
Yes, this is not first time feature but more clear then old MVC pipeline. The components of MVC is very much pluggable now. Probably it’s time to say Goodbye to HTTP handler and HTTP module.

11) Your application will not more depend on System.web(If you wish)
Yes, OWIN and KATANA will take care the communication between your application and Web Server. So, it’s no longer need to get help of bulky System.Web assembly.

12) The default Unit test framework is XUnit.
    The earlier framework was Visual Studio Unit test framework (vstest sometime). The XUnit framework has shipped along with ASP.NET5. I did not find much change or feature in XUnit framework other than some syntactical change.

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