Friday, May 29, 2015

Be observer of your mind, when it is out of your control

You may think that how can I observe myself? Because I am observing something (probably scenic beauty of nature) and I know what I am observing! In addition, at same time we cannot observe two views.

But  still you can observe yourself. The thought might be meaningless for you if you do not have thought process up to certain level. I will not say this is rocket science but still you have to schedule and set up your mind to become the viewer of your mind. You have to have vision to read your hearts.

In 2000 B.A Sankaracharja had given one sloka in Kaatha Upanishad entitle “Drig Dresya Viveka” and if you follow and practice his verses you can really became observer of yourself and you can realize who you are! At last, that is, more meaningful rather than your official activity (at last for me).
Here I have discussed “Drig Dresya viveka” .

Now, let us assume that you became observer of your mind and body.  To feel and experience this you have to think that your body is detached from your mind and you are detached from your mind.. Bit confusing!

Ok, now let us think, somehow you became observer of your mind but what is your role by becoming observer? - YOU SEE YOUR FUTURE.

Now, we agree we can see our mind! However, the question is when to see your mind? When the visibility of mind is best?  It will be visible best when you are not controlling your mind. May be I can say in heavily drunken mood.

Because at that time you are out of your mind (at least certain levelJ), your thoughts are turning to words without filter and nerves have no control over your activity.

At that moment just observe your mind (I am still assuming you are professional drunker and you have sense to observer) and summarize your whole thought. You should find your destiny! You should SEE YOUR FUTURE.

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