Monday, October 13, 2014

It takes 1 hour to deposit amount in account in my village. Why ?

Yes, But it should not take more than 10 minutes in modern banking system. Though, I will not say Gramin bank(well known as co-operative in village side) are fully computerized yet.  However, it is my pleasure to see that they are using computer to keep records and updating passbook immediately after deposit or withdraw, I remember my father’s old handwritten passbook which he no longer use now a days and the book used to update by bankers after 3 days of transaction...Ha.Ha. You too may laugh by reading this line, but it is true. It used to take 3-4 days to reflect in passbook.

Let us come in our point of discussion.  Why it takes 1 hour to deposit some amount in our village bank? Oh, forgotten to tell that, I live in a remote village where transport became un-available after 7 O’Clock and people sleep at 9 O’Clock at night. It’s totally opposite than my urban life at Bangalore where people are busy whole night to earn bread. Generally when I stay at home I go to nearby bank for transaction and I see many old persons to wait in Bank by holding red and blue form. for why? Red form is to deposit amount and Blue one is to withdraw.
 As I said it’s remote village and the customers are generally old people(As the bank is not modernJ) and most of them are illiterate, even they cannot write their name. They wait and request other people to fill up the form and so that they can proceed banking operation.

I noticed, people are there who really help to one or two persons (not all, because they too busy and cannot help all) and the rest wait for some other who can fill up there form.
When I go to bank, generally many of them request me to fill up their form, I cannot Ignore, I cannot’ say NO. Don’t know why? However, I cannot. May be by God’s grace I have not a busy life. I try to fill as much as possible even sometimes all of them, till last person.

That is why it takes 1 hour for me to deposit. Ha..Ha.. But I was thinking government is introducing new schemes to educate our people, Is it right way to educate? when people know only how to sign nothing more than that.
Remembering one proverb. If you teach one man, one will educate. If you teach one woman, one family will educate.