Monday, February 13, 2012

How to make your site popular

Tricks to Get high page rank
There are many factors and practice work behind each and every successful website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of the web design process but it’s still amazing to see that so many web designers overlook it or don’t understand the basics.

In early days of search engine  metatags were an important factor of determining how well a site was ranked. However, due to these being abused and words being used that may not relate to the actual content of the site most search engines no longer use the metatags for ranking purposes.Meta tag is nothing but simple HTML tag that contain some information regarding page.
The structure of Meta tag is
<meta name="description" content="program of c c++ java PHP" />
<meta name="keywords" content="C, C++ ,Java, PHP," />
Description gives description about your page and keywords attribute specify some keyword according to your topic


Use robot.txt file

Search engine spiders and similar robots will look for a robots.txt file, located in your main web directory. This is a plain text file. Create or modify it with a text editor and be sure to upload (FTP) it in ASCII mode.  Search engines often call these spiders and send them out to look for pages to include in their search results. When search engine program comes one’s site they search for robots.txt file. Some spammers also use this technology to harvest email addresses to send their junk mail to. Other uses include bots looking for illegal files or content.



The address of the web page is extremely important to search engines. A domain name with a specific key phrase will significantly help a page to rank well. Failing that, using a folder structure with names relating to the particular content and key phrases is a great way to go and the major search engines will certainly use this as a factor within their search engine results pages. So try to give your filename relevant with content.

Title tag
After the URL, the <title> attribute is probably the next most important factor. Title not only specifies the title of your page but also it helps search engine program by giving information regarding your page. Using a 3 or 4 most frequently word  which you have used in your page use as  key phrase for your title .



<h1>,< h2>  etc tag are all used for headings of the page content. Using heading’s that are descriptive and concise to the content without being overly descriptive will get picked out by the likes of Google.



According to my knowledge content is the most important factor to get high rank in search engine .  A search engine spider will read the entire content of a web page and decide based on words within that page, what the content is about and which key phrases it’s likely to relate to.
So writing good content is too much necessary . And content should not too long because your reader may lose attention in the middle.
The content shouldn’t be used as a way of stuffing keywords into the content as your users will obviously have to read this too but making sure that the words your focusing on appear a few times in the text as well as using variations of these key words is important.
Putting more keyword into content is called keyword stuffing and if google detect this one they may give punishment to the website.

In bound Link
In bound link is  a great factor to determine page rank of your site. A in bound link treats as a vote given by other web site to your web site. A popular website generally contain 300 inbound link. Try to increase inbound link of your web site by using join-venture policy.

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