Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introduction to C#,A new way to design component based product

C# ,Yah.. a brand new language introduce by Microsoft corporation. Some people says it’s nothing but old wine in a new bottle. And nothing but Xerox copy of Java,Introduce by sun Microsystem.
There once was a Danish boy named AndersHejlsberg who made a rather speedy PascalLanguage Compiler on the new fangled personal computers of that time. This compiler was so fast, it put to shame compilers that ran on big mainframe computers so common in that day. So along comes Borland and says, come along lad, were going to hire you and sell your compiler. And so was born TurboPascal. Years later, big bad BillGates comes along and says, you know, we should make a compiler like Turbo Pascal, but with a fancy graphical interface for making windows apps. Will just rename it Basic, like that language we used to use with all the goto's on line numbers, no-one will know the difference. Well the people at Borland saw this, and are not fooled. So they have Anders make a pascal compiler that can make windows apps just like VisualBasic and that uses a nifty graphic development environment also. Meanwhile SunMicrosystems makes this simplified C++ language that uses a VirtualMachine to make portable apps. The portable part is nifty, the language itself is slow and doesn't knock down C++. Now big bad Bill comes along again and says, we should hire that Danish boy, he can help us in our plan to take over the world. So Anders goes to work for Micosoft and makes another slow simplified version of C++ called C#. He also takes SunMicrosystem's idea of a virtual machine and uses it to forward big bad Bill's idea of taking over the world by having all programming languages run off MicroSoft's version of a virtual machine. And thus, DotNet is born.

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